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Why I work at CrossBRIDGE

Arriving at Restoration House several years ago, I was more than broken; I was shattered. Restoration House gave me a safe place to heal and rebuild my life while I learned who I am as a person. My journey from where I started when I arrived to where I am today feels nothing short of a miracle.

As a program monitor at Restoration House I am able to help others learn how to navigate life as they recover from addiction. I know how difficult it is to overcome the cycle of addiction and how it can be so lonely.

I am able to use my own experience to inspire hope in others who may feel hopeless and lost in the grip of addiction. Witnessing people go from hopeless and lost to being hopeful and excited about their future is a transformation that brings me joy. I get to be a part of the positive changes in the lives of those I support and love being able to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help others find their way to recovery.


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