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Meet Our Team


President - Executive Director

Tina Mitchell, GCDF 

Tina is the Founder and Executive Director of CrossBridge. Tina’s passion for change led her to establish CrossBridge and develop Restoration House and KidPOWER.

Tina's Bio



Chairman of the Board

Brett Tweedie

I am honored to be part of the board as CrossBRIDGE transforms lives. My dedication to this great organization is strengthened every time I see the benefits firsthand. Participants of all ages are ending the destructive cycles of generational poverty, addiction, and incarceration.


Brett Tweedie - Chairman of the Board

Temisha Poe - Vice Chairman

Brooke Roller* - Secretary

Anita Akers

Josh Nelson

Kevin Turks

Shalonda Batey

Clint Wilson

Kaitlin Collignon

Joshua Gunter 

Tina Mitchell*

Bill Hart*

*non-voting members

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