The effects of living in generational poverty far exceed the obvious lack of food, clothing, and adequate housing. Perhaps the most devastating effect is children growing up believing their current circumstances and futures are determined by factors beyond their control. KidPOWER teaches children their futures are determined by the choices they make, not fate.


KidPOWER provides programming to help students make positive life choices and overcome the toxic stress of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Programs included in the KidPOWER curriculum are Mentoring, Tutoring, and art classes that range from Music to Dance. By offering our program, we hope to see destructive cycles being disrupted and victims transformed into victors!




Our students may experience multiple Aces

Abuse & Neglect

  • ​​​​Physical 

  • Psychological & Emotional

  • Sexual

Household & Community Difficulties

  • Substance Abuse 

  • Loss of Parent/Guardian 

  • Mental Illness

  • Domestic Violence

  • Incarcerated Family Member

Research confirms students with mentors:


  • Have reduced risk of being impacted by their Aces

  • Have fewer behavior problems

  • Feel less anxiety related to peer pressure

  • Are less likely to become bullies 

  • Are more confident 

  • Are more likely to hold leadership positions 

  • Are twice as likely to attend college 

  • Show increased belief in their abilities to succeed




This is KidPOWER

This is KidPOWER