We are a local non-profit organization dedicated to ending destructive cycles of addiction, incarceration, and generational poverty.


CrossBRIDGE provides help for today and hope for tomorrow through our Restoration House, KidPOWER, and YouthPOWER programs. 


Equipped with practical skills and effective solutions, participants of all ages experience transformational healing and discover fresh opportunities through the unparalleled power of positive choice. 


Redeeming the past, renewing the present, and restoring the future - CrossBRIDGE changes lives. 


Tina Mitchell

President-Executive Director | tmitchell@crossbridgeinc.org 

Tina is the Founder and Executive Director of CrossBridge. Operating in the heart of one of Nashville’s most impoverished and high crime areas, CrossBridge seeks to end the destructive cycles of generational poverty, addiction, and incarceration that plague this community.  When Tina moved to Nashville 15 years ago and began working at Trevecca, her heart was moved to make a difference after seeing the suffering occurring on and around the Murfreesboro Road area daily.  Her passion for change led to the establishment of CrossBridge and the development of Restoration House and KidPower Programs.  Restoration House has grown from six beds in 2009 to its current capacity of 64. Men and women are finding freedom from addiction while our KidPower Program is preventing these problems in the youth we serve. Tina is a credentialed Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and has earned the Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS) credential from the National Institute of Corrections where she also qualified as an OWDS Instructor. She is an ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. 


William (Bill) Hart, Esq.,

Vice President-General Counsel  | bhart@crossbridgeinc.org 

Bill’s official titles are Vice President-CrossBridge General Counsel and Restoration House Co-Director. Additional roles include teacher, writer, strategist, analyst, spiritual advisor, and pastoral counselor. In short, Bill is open to God’s leading and is willing to serve wherever needed. From Bill’s perspective, his life has not been his own since experiencing the full measure of God’s amazing, love upon completing his Fifth Step in 1991. In Christ, he has been transformed, pardoned from sin, liberated from shame, and empowered to live a life pleasing to God. Bill sees himself as simply a grateful beggar willing to share the Bread of Life with anyone who’s hungry for wholeness and healing..

Hailing from a culturally diverse military background, Bill spent nearly half his childhood and adolescence overseas, including years in Germany, France, Japan, and Iran. Adult experiences include time in the Army Reserves, playing sax professionally, practicing law, serving as an elected alderman, adjunct university professor, and ordained Nazarene minister.

Bill earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt, his Master’s degree in Theology from Trevecca, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Trae Smith

Director of Youth Programs | KidPOWER Director


Trae, born and raised in Georgia, was brought to Nashville when he wanted to pursue a degree from Trevecca Nazarene University. Trae graduated from Trevecca in May of 2016 with a Social Justice degree. During his time at Trevecca, Trae recognized his call to compassionate ministry while working as a KidPOWER staff member. Trae worked as a KidPOWER staff member or volunteer throughout his time as a student. Upon graduation, Trae served as KidPOWER’s Co-Director for one year. Trae spent nine months working for Big Brothers Big Sisters before returning to CrossBRIDGE in December 2017 as the Director of Youth Programs. Trae has been a part of KidPOWER as a staff member, mentor, or director since 2012. Currently, Trae serves as our Director of Youth Programs and KidPOWER Director. Trae believes that he is called to minister to the children and families of the Napier Community through CrossBridge.

Trae comes from a family of eight and married his wife Kayann on November 10, 2017. Trae enjoys being active outdoors, whether through kayaking or disc golf. 

Brooke Roller 

YouthPOWER Director | KidPOWER Assistant Director


Brooke is a native of Chicago but her heart now belongs to Nashville. She has two sisters, one lives in Nashville with her and the other is still in Chicago. She has a puppy at home, named Belle, that she loves and is more than willing to talk about. Brooke graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University with a degree in Business Management. It is through Trevecca that she became connected with KidPOWER. She has been with CrossBRIDGE since 2015 and is extremely passionate about the students of the Napier-Sudekum community. She believes in the power of the relationships built at KidPOWER and YouthPOWER and loves that she gets to work with all ages. Brooke believes that together, with God’s faithfulness, we can make futures brighter and share love unconditionally.

Chris Casey

Restoration House Operations Manager


Chris grew up being given the opportunity to live the American dream. He went to college, landed a great job, was married and had children, but never seemed to find happiness. In an attempt to feel the void in his life, Chris found alcohol and prescription narcotics. Chris truly believed he had found the answer, but then he used drugs and alcohol to cope with everything. Because of this his seemingly “put together life” fell apart fast. He got into legal trouble and was in and out of rehab for years. Chris would manage 60-90 days clean and sober, then he would be right back in a vicious cycle of jail, detox, and rehabs. He was resigned to the fact he would die from alcohol and drugs. He believed that the best possible scenario would be to spend the rest of his life in prison. As a last effort, Chris enrolled in Restoration House. Here he learned there was a difference between religion and a relationship with God. Today, God is his mentor, Father, Mother, best friend, confidant, teacher, counselor, and my Lord. God brought light into the darkness that was his life. God has given him the opportunity to work with other men, who struggle with the same things that he does.


Debbie Koon

Debbie has worked for CrossBridge as Bookkeeper since December 2012. Debbie is honored to work for an organization that is working towards transforming the lives of those who struggle in the bondage of addiction. Debbie enjoys using her detailed skills with finance to help the staff make informed decisions with the resources CrossBRIDGE has been given. Debbie has been an active mentor in the KidPOWER program since 2015. She mentors because she loves watching the kids learn to make good decisions that form their character.

She has been married to her husband, Chris for thirty-three years.  She has two daughters, Kristen and Meredith.  She loves spending time with her family and going on “girl trips” to the beach with her Bible study friends.

John Miller

Director of Administration

John is a Nashville area native and now calls Mount Juliet, TN home. John has a BS in Music Business from Trevecca Nazarene University (‘93) and Masters in Christian Education from Nazarene Theological Seminary (‘06). He has served as Children’s Pastor in Nampa, Idaho (College Church of the Nazarene), and Nashville (Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene). Since 2013, John has been the Pastor of Administration and Facilities at Trevecca Community Church. He most recently worked for White Door Events as an Event Coordinator before coming to CrossBRIDGE.

 John has been married to Melinda since 2001, and their son Jackson is in middle school. John is grateful to have the opportunity to help take care of and steward the beautiful building and campus that God has given CrossBRIDGE as they minister to those affected by addiction, incarceration, and generational poverty. John loves spending time with his family, playing the bass guitar, riding his bike, watching basketball, hiking, and camping.