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Brian's Story

I have regained self-respect, self-worth, and self-esteem.

Growing up, I always felt different from everyone else. I started using with “friends,” which led to full-blown addiction. I knew I needed help when I was using in my room. I wanted to die and tried overdosing. I heard a voice say, “I love you.” I needed a “heart transplant” only Jesus could perform. Through my recovery, I know that I am a child of God. I can tell the truth from lies.

In the future, I hope to get married, buy a house and become an addictions counselor.


Caitlin's Story

My life has been restored!

Unresolved anxiety and depression left me feeling defective and alone. The loneliness led me to seek love in all the wrong places. I found myself in unhealthy relationships, which led me to drug abuse. At my worst, I was married to a man who sold drugs and abused me. I found myself at rock bottom when my parents took custody of my son to give him a safe place to live. Ready to end my life, God called me, and I began the journey to turn my life around. Restoration House introduced me to what it means to have an authentic relationship with Christ.


Keyshawn's Story

I basically grew up at KidPOWER & YouthPOWER.

Keyshawn is our first ever High-School graduate. We are so proud of him and everything he has accomplished. Currently, he is enrolled at SAE Institute and is studying music business. Keyshawn started with KidPOWER in 2nd grade and is now a sophomore in college. 

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Kristina's Story

I hope my children learn from my mistakes. 

My addiction started at a very young age. First, with food to cope with the abuse of my mother, but then it led to drugs when food wasn't an option. At 14, my father was an alcoholic, and my mother an addict. In 2017, I was living in my car with my 1 yr old son. I'd overdosed twice but continued to use; I wanted to die. The day I went to jail, I lost everything; my son, freedom, family, friends, and a home.

The best part of my recovery has been learning about God. I've rebuilt relationships and given Him control. My current goals are to share my story with other incarcerated women and go to college.


Chris's Story

Today, I am a better father, friend, and son!

My parents were both addicts. My addiction started when I wanted to be friends with the wrong people. Throughout my years of using, I lost my friends and family several times over. I finally wanted to stay clean. I believe God led me to Restoration House because I could receive the help I needed. Now, I am heading in the right direction.


 I will be able to watch my children grow up. I want to raise my sons to be great men and for them to say they are proud of me as I am of them.


Liz's Story

Restoration House gave me a clean slate and a fresh start.

I never felt like I belonged. In high school, I found "friends" who drank and smoked weed. I quickly consumed anything I could, mainly cocaine and pain pills. The first time I did heroin, I felt like I'd found my missing piece. Even with age, I didn't feel normal without using; I never wanted the party to stop. My family and children didn't know where I was and when DCS took my kids, I felt like the last piece of me had left. Too much of a coward to kill myself and too lost to care.


The best part of recovery has been the community. I have freedom and a future. I'm learning to be present and ask for help. I'm beyond grateful for God restoring my will to live! Now, I will be a light to others, sharing my story and being a safe place for others. 


Deja's Story

YouthPOWER has been a lot of things to me over the years, but most of all they have been a safe place for me. A place I can go and talk to anyone about anything. I can talk about things like school or problems at home. YouthPOWER is my second family for many reasons. I couldn’t ask for a better one. YouthPOWER is enough motivation for me and has been a good guide for life in school and what it would be like to be an adult. YouthPOWER is a great program where kids grow to trust in themselves. I have been there since 3rd grade, and now I am in the 12th grade with so much ahead of me. YouthPOWER staff has been great role models; they are a place I can call home.

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