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Since 2009, Restoration House has provided probationers,

parolees, and others an opportunity to explore and

address the root causes of their life-controlling addictions

in a safe, supportive residential setting. Our multi-faceted,

peer-led program provides motivated men and women 

a proven path from the hopeless bondage of addiction to

productive sobriety and responsible maturity.


Amid the growing crisis of opioid addiction, the TBI

estimates that 80% of Tennessee’s crimes are

drug-related. As the daily cost of housing, an inmate nears

$75, the Tennessee Department of Correction's annual

budget approaches one billion dollars.


Although Restoration House saves Tennessee taxpayers

nearly a million dollars each year, our enduring legacy is

genuine transformation. Recognizing the proven link

between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and

addiction, our program systematically addresses the

impact of ACEs on adults.


Discovering effective ways to handle the ACEs-related

toxic stress that formerly plagued and paralyzed them,

participants who fully embrace our Restoration House

structure routinely experience profound inner healing.

The evidence is positive, measurable, and clearly

discernible in lives that are radically changed!

* This project is funded by the Tennessee Department of Mental

Health and Substance Abuse Services & Tennessee Housing Development Agency.